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The Norwich Society invites you to join us in caring for this fine old City.

George Borrow (1803-1881), born in Norfolk but a wide-ranging traveller, lived here and wrote of Norwich that it was

a fine old city…view it from whatever side you will”.

The Norwich Society aims to keep it that way by championing the best buildings from the past and promoting the best architectural design and planning for its future.

We do this by:

  • Watching planned city development to encourage the highest possible standards
    Identifying planning and development needs and arguing for them with the relevant authorities
  • Gathering evidence of problems and concerns and making the case for change
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    The Norwich Society Churchyard Survey

Members of the Norwich Society have recently completed a survey of the 31 churchyards attached to the surviving churches in Norwich’s city centre.

The study looks at their current state, whether they are used by the public, whether they contribute a habitat for wildlife and which, if any, have potential for improvement as green spaces.

See the full report here and let us know what you think.


Open Forum Report

Our second Open Forum was held on the afternoon of Monday 30th September in the Pierce Room of the Assembly House. Five members attended and a panel consisting of Mary Ash (Chairman), Paul Burall (Chairman of Strategic Policy and Transport Committee), David Ford (Chairman of the Planning Appraisal committee) and Helga Williams (Environment Committee) answered questions and led the discussions

The first topic of concern was the increasing number of ‘A’ Boards in the central areas of the city making walking difficult for the ordinary able person leave alone the visually-impaired and less able. It was felt that the detrimental effect of boards and signage on the aesthetics of the city should also be vigorously challenged. Litter and graffiti


come in waves but members had noted specific problems.

The Night-Time Economy and the resulting detritus on city streets continues to be of concern. Members questioned whether a much more substantial business rate for night clubs could be introduced.

The scandal of the Howard House and whether it will be saved by the development of the ‘South City Centre’ area continues to be a cause of much frustration and sadness.

We will be scheduling Open Forums on next year’s Events Programme. They are turning into lively and useful discussions which help the trustees and the committees stay in touch with the concerns and observations of members.


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