City Centre Strategy Nov 2013

What kind of City centre will best serve the people of Norwich in the future? The Society has
initiated a project to look at what the City centre could look like in 2025 or even 2035 and to
identify some of the issues that may need tackling to keep the City attractive and economically
As well as looking at such obvious current problems as the damaging side-effects of the night-time
economy and the need to redevelop Anglia Square, issues to be considered range from the
repercussions of the Internet retail revolution, the impact of major housing developments around
Norwich, and the need for better transport links. Opportunities include the increasing demand for
leisure and cultural activities, the potential for transforming under-used shops and other
commercial premises into city-centre homes, and making still better use of the City’s heritage.
Four working groups are being set up to consider:
• economic issues
• transport & sub regional development
• the built environment
• Green issues