NS comments Norwich South City Centre 13.12.2012

NS comments on the draft vision plan for Norwich South City Centre
The Norwich Society broadly welcomes the plan for the South City Centre and is
pleased to acknowledge the inclusion of many of the previous suggestions from the
The Society is of the opinion that work could start now on developing the proposed
green spaces in the area. Money is available to finance this.
There are some further concerns that we wish to bring to your attention:
1. We require confirmation of who will be the Project Manager of this development
for Norwich City Council. The City Planners are process operators and not qualified
project managers. Without a Project Manager, with the authority of the elected
Council Members, previous evidence suggests that the vision and plan for the area
will succumb to the greed of the developer(s).
2. In order to fit in with the majority of the buildings in the area we wish to see it
recorded that no development in the area will exceed four floors.
3. This proposal should reflect and be integrated with a Local Community Plan. Does
such a document exist and if not, when will it be produced?
4. The heritage buildings in the area should be better integrated into the future
planned community. Fore example:
Museum space is required and could be fine use for historical Howard House.
The school requirement might be provided by utilising unused space in
Prospect House.
The Churchyards, like the buildings, require incorporating into the needs of
the community.
5. It would be a better reflection of the history of the site, and an improvement to the
general lay out of the vision, if the buildings on St Anne’s Wharf were to mirror the
history and plan of the original cloisters of St Augustine’s Friary.
6. It is also important that any future development of the site preserves the clear
sightline from the Lady Julian Bridge to the top of the Castle ridge behind the tower
of St Peter Parmentergate.
December 2012