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The Norwich Society: Draft Local List: Public Consultation

The Latest version of the Local Listing Project (Sept 2012) is available as a pdf download (This a large file and may take some time to download • 46.73mb)

To access the original Local Listing click on one of these headings: By Road • By Type of Building • By Area of the City Then click on any index entry for further details.

Norwich has many fine buildings that are important to each local area. Many are not widely known or celebrated. Our Draft Local List is a record of buildings in the City that although not officially ‘listed’ by English Heritage for their national importance, are of local significance. All the buildings selected contribute to their area’s sense of place by a combination of their architectural or historical significance, or by being of use to the community. Some are local landmarks. An example of this combination of history, architectural merit, townscape and community value is Wensum Junior School on Turner Road.

The area we have covered lies within the outer Ring Road but excludes official Conservation Areas. Over the past three years teams of volunteers have compiled a list of buildings that met our criteria, which were drawn up with the help of one of the City’s Conservation Officers. English Heritage has approved our methods, a panel of experts has reviewed the draft list, but now we need your comments before the final list can be published.

The five criteria that we have used when making our selection are:


In order to qualify for inclusion on the draft list all the building will have been awarded at least eight points across these five criteria (see Criteria here).

Please take this opportunity to look through the full list of 122 buildings which includes bridges, churches, factories, housing, offices, public houses, schools and shops.